BARROCOMATIK was conceived with the desire to bring early music closer to a family audience, offering a theater show without text that mixes clown, physical theater, puppets and visual poetry, with four live Baroque musicians: bassoon, oboe, theorbo and violin. Barrocomatik is the story of a man who finds his comfort and refuge in a universe full of automatons and dynamic machines which he himself has built in order to help him avoid the emotions presented by “real life” relationships. A rebellion by the machines drives him towards an emotional self exploration journey, accompanied by the different musical themes, which ends with his redemption and liberation. The show deals with the different effects brought about by technological excess, ranging from isolation to a false sense of security and control. It is about the danger of all of us ending up acting like machines but also about our capacity as human beings to break down walls and move on, starting anew…of the great value of being a person and above all of being free.

With music by Bach, Telemann, Vivaldi, Lully, Rebel and more.

Suitable for age 4 upwards

Cristina Aguirre


Claudio Levati


Nele Vertommen

oboe and recorder

Nora Hansen

bassoon and recorder

Daniel Deuter


Christoph Sommer

theorbo and guitar

Anna Ros